Steps To Get Your Ex Back

Holding handsAre you looking for the steps to get your ex back? Everyone has that moment where they think it is time to reunite with their ex and make it alright again. Now barring severe problems such as alcoholism and abuse because these things need to go and if that was in your relationship? There is not a need to go back, believe me. People only change when they want to change and that is a rarity and it takes time to rebuild the trust and even then, there are relapses and if you are risking getting hurt emotionally or physically or all of it, just stay gone.

However if you just made quick decisions on a good person and you find out you loved them after they are gone and realize they were the one, or they dumped you and you realized the relationship was great but baggage interfered, here are some steps that might save the good one that got away.

Call and Apologize

This might seem weird but this is a very simple solution to get back in the relationship and when you call your ex, apologize if it was your fault for misunderstanding situations. Or being too harsh in situations where old baggage took the claim check instead of you having a great relationship.

Be Sincere When You Call

Tell the truth and if this is a good relationship just waiting to happen and you jumped the gun this is the ticket back in. Tell them it was your fault for over reacting and own up to your mistakes. You see this is the reality, and this is how good couples stay together is through real communication.

Send Something Nice With Your Apology

If you’re a guy, it doesn’t hurt to send gifts with an apology because if you want to be with this person and you care for them greatly you will spend the money to make things right and amend damages. A nice card or some flowers or their favorite video or tickets to a concert, these are all great gifts to say you are sorry and you mean it.

Give them Time

This may seem simple but they need time to process that you want back into their lives and this is real caring and love to do this. Give them space and time because you might just be rejected if you pressure the situation. People need time to realize things and weigh them out and this is the most important relationship besides marriage so they will need the time to think.

Remind them of good memories

When you talk to them speak of the good times you had and leave the bad behind because a new start deserves only the good things that you had together before. Bringing baggage up only will weigh you both down and a new start is impossible with that heaviness attached.

Don’t go back if you are just lonely

This is not a good decision ever, so make sure before you go through all this that you mean it and you love this person with your heart and not your body or your lonely nights. This is important when going back with an ex, to consider everything before you make that call or attempt reconciliation. Do not call on a drunk night when you are lonely and sad because if you weren’t meant to be together this can make the distance between you even worse and if it’s a real reconciliation you wish for or if not and you are just feeling sad and blue you will lose a friend if you are still friends.

These are all real methods and they work with normal people because if you have to jump through hoops you probably don’t want to go back anyways because you will always have to do that when you fight and fighting is part of a relationship because making up is so good. In a balanced relationship a fight is a disagreement not a knock down drag out, just so you realize what real lasting couples do in normal relationships. Remember communication is key and speaking your mind about how you feel is going to reach your ex like no one else. They will know the difference and if they were yours they will return and hopefully you will be living happily ever after.